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Lawrence Freeman on President Trump’s Fundamentally Flawed Africa Policy

Even before President Trump’s latest outrage against the nations of Africa (along with Haiti and El Salvador) referring to them vulgarly as [expletive deleted] countries, whose people should not be welcomed as immigrants, the failure of the administration’s policies toward Africa was addressed in this article by Africa expert Lawrence […]

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Moscow Points to London, Obama as Drivers of War Danger

By Rachel Douglas April 18—As the Trump Administration of the USA exercised a quick trigger-finger in attacking Syria’s Shayrat airbase with cruise missiles on April 7, and has made increasingly ominous statements about unilateral action to terminate North Korea’s military programs, Russian political leaders and diplomats, so far, have kept […]


Hillary’s Health

By Kate Freeman Sept. 14–Questions about Hillary Clinton’s health have persisted for some time and both her campaign and the Party have been extremely defensive on this count. Those questions have intensified over these last few weeks, as she has had to interrupt several major addresses due to uncontrollable coughing […]