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Book Review: George Washington’s Vision for Foreign and Domestic Peace and Prosperity

By Nancy Spannaus First Entrepreneur: How George Washington Built His—and the Nation’s—Prosperity Edward G. Lengel Da Capo Press, Boston, 2016, 280 pp. February 2017–As director of the Washington Papers documentary editing project at the University of Virginia, author Edward G. Lengel has been working for 20 years on the extensive […]

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Don’t Get Your History from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton”!

By Nancy Spannaus Hamilton: The Revolution Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter Grand Central Publishing, 2016, 288 pages. March 2017—It is quite possible, as great philosophers have pointed out, for a misguided or totally erroneous action to have positive consequences. So might be the case with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway hit […]

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Moscow Points to London, Obama as Drivers of War Danger

By Rachel Douglas April 18—As the Trump Administration of the USA exercised a quick trigger-finger in attacking Syria’s Shayrat airbase with cruise missiles on April 7, and has made increasingly ominous statements about unilateral action to terminate North Korea’s military programs, Russian political leaders and diplomats, so far, have kept […]